6 Best Teas you can drink to keep your Body Healthy


Do you know that in some countries tea is an everyday product? Countries like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam drink tea several times almost every day. Tea is actually good for your health. There are many, many variations of teas around the world. There is green tea, chamomile tea, milk tea around the world.

However, when building a new habit, we would like to make the best out of it. If you are trying to build a drinking tea habit, you would like to know theĀ best health teas. Here I will tell some of the best teas around the world and why they are the best.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is mainly used for good sleep and its calming effects. If you are a person with insomnia or always exhausted, then chamomile tea is a good deal for you. It is one of the best health teas.

Studies showed that it helped people with diarrhea, diabetes, depression, sleeping problems etc. So, if you’re a person with one of these problems, then you should probably go for chamomile tea.

Peppermint Tea

This is one of the most commonly used tea in the world. It is hugely known for its digestive help. It helps people who are suffering from digestive problems that arise from nausea, cramps etc.

Some studies showed that it has antioxidant, antibacterial properties that help fight bacteria and oxidants of your body.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is best known for its spicy flavor. It is a spicy tea with a good flavor. It helps to boost the immune system with its pack of antioxidants. Ginger is known for helping nausea, period pain and, in some cases, diabetes.

Ginger tea is also good for ulcers, indigestion or constipation. This is used for people that have nausea mainly and other treatments that cause nausea.

Hibiscus Tea

This brings great help for the players. A study showed that if you drink hibiscus tea for six weeks, it will decrease oxidative stress. This study was done on soccer players. This tea is colorful as it is made from the plants of hibiscus. This tea can be enjoyed warm or iced, and it has a tart flavor, red color.

However, this tea is good for your blood pressure. Many studies showed that hibiscus tea helps to reduce high blood pressure. If you are a person with high blood pressure problems, this could be your everyday companion.

Echinacea Tea

It is a tea that some people think helps with the common cold. Though studies are not clear about Echinacea tea helping the common cold, this tea surely helps with the common cold.

Many people have found benefits with this tea in boosting their immune system. Some researchers say that this tea helps to fight viruses or infections.

Final Words

There are many variants of tea around the world. Here you got to know about only a few kinds of teas. Some teas are popular in south-east Asia, some in China, and some in East Asia.

There is a chance one of these teas may offer wellness for you and your body.


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