6 Facts About Website Design You’ll Find Interesting


With 4.66 billion active internet users globally, every company should be striving to turn its website into its most effective sales tool.

It is essential to make an excellent first impression. In fact, every first impression is crucial. This is why growth-driven design is proven to be the most practical method for building a website that works just as hard as you do.

If you’re looking for Long Island Web Design Development, you’ll find these 6 statistics helpful.

#1. Web Design Influences 3 out of 4 users’ perspectives!

Credibility and appearance are closely connected. According to Stanford University’s online credibility study, 75% of web users confess to making credibility judgments based on a company’s website design.

#2. You just have a split second to make an impression!

So, if your company’s reputation is dependent on the design of its website, how much time do you have to create an excellent first impression? The bad news is that studies have revealed that visitors develop opinions about your website in as little as 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds!). A choice is literally made in the blink of an eye.

#3. Minor errors have enormous consequences!

Website mistakes of any kind, no matter how little, should be avoided. Researchers discovered that broken links and typographical errors had a much more significant detrimental impact on consumers’ perceptions of websites and companies than most people think.

#4. Nearly 80% of visitors will abandon your site!

And they’ll be pushed right into the arms of your rivals… According to Impact, 79% of visitors who don’t like what they see on one site will go back and look for something else. Don’t allow a bad design to drive users away to the next best thing after you’ve worked hard to rank for the keywords and persuade them to go through to your site.

#5. What matters is what’s under the bonnet.

Your webpage is similar to a sports vehicle. It may seem fantastic on the outside, but the actual performance is found under the hood. The underlying source code on your website may have an impact on your search results. To enhance your search engine optimization ranks, you’ll need a skilled web developer to apply SEO and coding best practices (SEO).

#6. It’s more important to think mobile-first.

More than 92 percent of all internet searches are now done on a mobile device. That’s right, you read it correctly. Less than 8% of the 4.66 billion active users we mentioned at the outset of this post utilize a desktop or tablet to access the internet.

It implies that a growing percentage of your visitors will see your website on a tiny screen, necessitating responsive design (which adjusts the size for various devices) and the inclusion of mobile-specific features.

The Importance of Website Design Has Never Been Greater

When it comes to wordpress website design, the stakes have never been more significant for professional companies. When the stakes are so high, you need to ensure your website is working for you rather than against you. Also, make sure your website is on par with the rest of your company.


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