Add-Ons of Google Docs a Lawyer Should Try


At one time, we already have discussed some alternative ways to Microsoft Word. These include Google Docs. This Google Docs has performed lots of things precisely right for pretty a few time now. The things include easy collaboration, cloud-based, friendly with a large range of formats, and many free things.

But, there are several elements that Docs also lack, which are typically needed for the practice of law. It’s like changing tracks and merging messages. Google has lately launched add-ons for Docs to improve the usefulness and beauty of Docs.

It allows developers to construct tools that increase the usefulness of Docs. So, before you look for estate planning services, let’s know more about add-ons of Google Docs suitable for lawyers.

Track Changes

Let’s look at this issue. Changing track is the thing that you care about because you’re a lawyer. You don’t get a file you have not impulsively desire to redline. So, you have to change your track. And without it, you won’t fall in love with Google Docs.

The good news is that an add-on to Track Changes is available. The bad news is that it will still not be as you need it. Your new green content will highlight, and the red removals will note. But it still can’t do it. Instead, everything appears in a sidebar.

Avery Label Merge

The failure to combine messages is one of the biggest problems in migrating to Google Docs. It is because, with Word, you’d do it effortlessly. Avery’s add-on, Label Merge, is an awkward solution to address this failure.

First of all, select a label size of Avery (or its generic equivalent). The add-on presently includes just a dozen varieties of labels. There is, therefore, nothing as extensive as utilizing independent Avery software or the integrated features of Word.

However, you should be okay if you merely want to make mailing labels or name badges. Next, from the Google Sheets table, import your address list.


The addition to the Avery label merge is the DocumentMerge by Panda DC. It can fuse letters, but it can fuse them once. So you can only transmit the combined letters as an emailed PDF using DocumentMerge.

Naturally, you may also print it for sending. However, if you do, you’ll have to purchase Avery’s label add-on. DocumentMerge operates like and precisely as you would like the Avery add-on to operate.

Open the add-on in a document to prompt you to utilize the Google table as a data source. Plugin the Google Doc your named fields and let the add-on do its part.

Consistency Checker

This add-on is free of charge. It’s not an additional mission-critical. However, it’s a nice small software item for estate litigation attorney or others. It only checks your material to ensure that hyphens or orthodoxy are used consistently.

Were you in one area using “coparticipants” while in another, you used “co-partners?” Have you spelt in one section of the paper ‘color’ the English manner and another section ‘color’ in good old American English?


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