Are You Making These Landscaping Mistakes


Landscaping is an art almost everyone can master but there is always a huge scope of learning for those who want to get better at it. Be it a beginner or an established landscaper, you need to steer clear of these things.

1. Overwatering

Everything on this planet needs something to grow and nurture – but the intake has to have a limit. Anything excessive can kill the opportunity for the intaker to grow healthily, even when it comes to landscaping. You do not need to go overboard with watering the stuff you planted yourself. Caring is good, over caring is not good – see the thin line between the two.

Water the plants to the extent they can absorb it. Overwatering can bring about a number of dangerous consequences.

2. Cutting and Trimming To an Extreme Degree

Cutting the grass too low is likely to damage the growth. You need to beware of this mistake people often do. Plants and grass always need a minimal trimming in order to grow properly. If you make them too small in size while trimming or cutting, they will take a lot of time to grow back to the same size.

Anything overdone makes things even worse. So, do not do the mistake most ill-informed landscapers do. Your garden or yard needs a proper policing that you are obliged to give.

3. Wrongly Placed Plants

Every plant deserves a different piece of land that suits its nature. If you get your plants wrongly placed, they might have some difficulty growing simply because of the mismatch.

So, plan diligently and meticulously before executing anything in the first place. Choose the right spot for each plant and do the rest to take good care of it afterwards.

4. Bad Pruning Tactics

You can’t afford to go wrong with the tactics of pruning, as it may make you pay for it later. A plant should not be made to lose more than 15% of its origin at any cost as it can be extremely detrimental to exceed this limit. Winters, summers and spring are absolutely apt for pruning but do not take a chance during fall — this is what most landscaping experts suggest.

Pruning is a subject you need to study before getting to the practical. Dabbling can turn out to be a nightmare. Speak to a few experienced landscapers or pruners, and then begin.

5. Wrong Choice of Mulch

This is the biggest and most dreaded mistake you should beware of!

Plants need suitable soil/mulch, sunlight and a decent amount of water to get taller and health. If you carelessly pick any kind of mulch, your plants would have to suffer. You can’t expect your plants to increase in size if you have not provided them with the most apt kind of mulch — the mulch that is not contrary to their nature.

6. Not Disposing of Yard Waste Properly

Accumulated yard waste can make your backyard look messy. You can either get rid of it regularly yourself or use junk removal services Queens NY to dispose them of.

The prime benefit of using yard waste removal is that it would be waste-free as most of it will be recycled. You can search for Long Island trash removal near you to get it done.


Being a landscaper is easy, being a good landscaper is just the opposite — a tough nut to crack. Try to steer clear of these apparently teeny-weeny errors you are likely to stumble upon.


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