How Cleaning Tasks Can Help You to Reduce Anxiety


Do you watch the popular show of Marie Kondo? If yes, then you know it’s a current trend how you can clear your mind while cleaning your home. Also, this is not a new concept as there are many surveys and studies regarding this issue.

Also, the research has found some links with an anxious mind and cleaning to release the anxiety. Now, the question is whether the activity of cleaning is helpful to reduce anxiety or a clean house itself. Or, the responsibility goes to the dirty and untidy environment to cause anxiety.

If it’s a way to get rid of anxiety, then you can avoid looking for “commercial cleaning services near me.” Let’s go through the entire post to know how it works without aid from the commercial cleaning services.

The KonMari Method of Cleaning and Anxiety

A large number of people are following Kondo’s philosophy around the world. The reason is not just its effectiveness; the reason is also it offers introspective, mindful, and forward-thinking. In addition, it’s a trending concept of mindfulness for a while of this method for cleaning and organizing.

Also, these two things go forward hand in hand and make a beautiful mind. According to this method, Kondo takes part in cleaning the house to declutter it. When the house gets decluttered with its surroundings, you get a fresh mind releasing the anxiety.

Feeling with Your Dirty Home

Do you feel better with your shining home rather than pigpen looking? If yes, then you don’t need anything more to explain why you like it. And just continue doing it. Besides, when you have a house with a mess like a tornado hit and you don’t feel anything, you probably will not get any benefit from reading it.

But, if you feel anxiety about the dirty room or some other things then it may link with the evidence of cleaning your house reduces your depression and anxiety. In this case, a cleaning company conducted a study and found some more positive results in support of this issue.

The end report has said that 90% of the participants have reported they feel unhappy and unproductive when they find their houses messy. Also, another 54% have said that a dirty house has made them canceled their plans. In the report, it also has stated how physical activities affect the benefits of someone’s mental health.

Is There Any Proof of the Link of Cleaning and Anxiety?

We already have discussed some surveys and researches regarding this issue. Now, let’s know another study in support of the link of cleaning and anxiety. A study at Cornell University has reported that those who live in messy surroundings, they tend to consume a lot of junk food.

And you know what the feeling comes after eating a lot of junk food. So, you can understand easily that consuming an entire bag of cookies or chips will lead to some anxieties. Also, there are some other studies in support of this issue.


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