How to Landscape Your Garden in The Best Way Possible?


Do you need help with getting your lawn into shape so that it complements the new porch design? Try these ideas to transform your outdoor space.

1. Determine Your Landscape Needs

What is it that you want to accomplish from this landscaping project? In your case, you want it to make your porch look wondering.

Take a paper and sketch all the ideas that come to your mind. You have the opportunity to play with ideas without worrying about commitment.

2. Look for a Focal Point

A garden must have a focal point. You can add more than one focal point too. It can be a bunch of shrubs, a tree, a plant or a sculpture.

3. Do Scale and Pacing

Scale and pacing give your garden a nice look. Use a combination of colors, shapes and sizes for building paths or flowerbeds. While you do that, make sure you find a good balance between repetition and new elements. Some percentage of repetition is necessary to create cohesion. And occasionally, seeing a new element breaks the monotony.

4. Coordinate the Plants with the Paving

When you are landscaping your garden, you must pay attention to detail. Start by coordinating the plants with the paving by creating a scheme. If you have grey or white stones, white and purple blooms will look wonderful with them. On the other hand, if you have black and silver paving, plant flowers with a strong color like yellow, red or orange.

5. Consider the Boundaries

Boundary walls, hedges, and fences might be the largest elements in the view if your garden is small. Hence, they need to look good. If changing the fencing is out of your budget, have them whitewashed. Then, coordinate the colors.

6. Design a Functional Entrance

You must make the home’s entrance inviting. This can be done by using plants and structures that greet the guests gracefully.

Decorate your front door with accent shrubs or any other plant you like. The doorbell must be evident as well. Your driveway must be visible. Mark the turn with low planting. For everyone’s safety, remove shrubs that obstruct the view.

7. Use Containers

Containers add color to your front yard even if it is paved already. Buy large pots and fill them up with bright flowers. They will transform your porch into a work of art.

8. Make a Partition

Homeowners think their porch is a land between the sidewalk and home. That’s boring, right? Create a partition by using perpendicular planting. Use plants for adding a curved border for elegance and grace.

9. Make Your House Noticeable

Small homes sometimes become hard to notice because of a lack of height and grand proportions. With great landscaping, you can make everyone notice your home. If you don’t already have a fence, get it installed. Or maybe use an ornamental arbor.

10. Lights Are Important as Well

Lights play a significant role in creating an atmosphere in a garden. Install lanterns or a string of fairy lights and turn them on as soon as the sun goes down. Your house will stand out among the rest.

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Most of these landscaping tips are easy and inexpensive. What are you waiting for? Make your porch amazing today.


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