Let’s Know Whether Your Skateboard Get Wet or Not


Do you love skateboarding? If yes, then today’s content will be very beneficial for you. Mainly, we will talk about one common issue of skateboarding. People often ask that can they wet their skateboard and what will happen if the skate becomes wet.

Here we want to tell you that the skateboard can be wet suddenly and not that harmful. But if you’re going to ride in the rain or want to go for a wet ride for a long time, then it is a problem. Mostly, your skateboard will not be durable, which will be a money-wasting thing for you.

Also, you may face few more problems like your skateboard will lose the pop and become waterlogged. Sometimes the deck may delaminate and wrap too. Another thing is that your truck will get rust and oxidation.

Also, all your skateboard hardware will be weaker, and the grip tape will be less sticky. That is why we always suggest not ride during rain. However, in the below segment, we will present how one can fix all these problems if your skateboard gets a problem. So, before you look for the Lake Lanier water sports, let’s start!

Is It Possible to Fix the Waterlogged Skateboard Surface?

I this segment, we will tell you how you can fix the surface of the skateboard after getting waterlogged. From the above discussion, you have already known that the soaked is the cause of losing pop. And lose pop is a major problem of the skateboard.

The expert always suggests that if the skateboard surface gets waterlogged, you have to change it soon. Mostly, they suggest not ride with this skateboard anymore.

Nowadays, you will find some plastic surface skateboards and that do not have these problems. But here, we are not speaking about this item. If the skateboard gets waterlogged issues, then changing is an excellent idea.

When Wet Will be a Problem for Skateboarding?

If you ride in the water one or two times, it will not make a big issue. But you will not be able to ride for a long time and so often in the rain. Well, we always suggest not ride a single moment during rain if possible. In this case, you can look for “Lake Lanier flyboard” for water skiing or wake boarding. It can be a good choice.

Also, riding in the water can be harmful to your skateboard. Mostly, skating during the rain is not safe as well. First of all, it is risky, and it may ruin the truck and surface of the skateboard.  

Skateboard Truck Can Rust

Usually, the skateboard truck does not get rust. But if you ride in the rain, then it can get rust. Here, you do not need to be a worry. The skateboard truck can get rust and experience oxidation.

But, you can quickly treat the problem. Of course, you have to keep the truck and wet all the time after riding. Also, you can use some lubricant after cleaning the truck.

Best Ways to Replace Skateboard Truck Parts 

It is very vital to clean all the skateboard truck parts properly. That is why you have to replace all the parts. Here, you can easily do this thing by following the manufactures level of your skateboard company.  


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