Look For These 3 Details While Choosing Men’s Dress Shoes


Like many other types of footwear, dress shoes may be complex for many guys, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Men’s footwear comes in a wide range of styles, each of which makes a distinct statement. Learning how to match your shoes adds a new level of difficulty to the equation.

The most important thing to remember about dress shoes like burgundy men’s dress shoes is that Oxfords are more formal and adaptable than Derby shoes. Dress boots are a great fall wardrobe item, whereas loafers are less formal, comfier, and summery.

A guy should first decide how formal he needs to seem while putting together an outfit. From there, he may experiment with different footwear types to see what fits, where he’s going and what sort of statement he wants to make, so he can choose the best choice from his casual men’s black shoes collection.

Search for these features that can help you improve and enhance your style while buying dress shoes.


Look at the toes of your shoes. The simpler they are, the more elegant they are. As a result, no toecap should be seen on shoes like the Oxford, Derby, or Chelsea boot. However, you may have a cap toe, an extra toe on the edge of your shoe that looks fantastic in any professional setting.

A semi-brogue pattern, which is perforated and sometimes serrated at the edge, may also give a little flair to your shoe. This will make your outfit stand out even more, but if you really want to go all out, opt for the full-brogue appearance. With a wingtip, this will enhance your entire look even more.


You may also check for wingtips on your selected shoe, which will extend down either side of the shoe. They offer a touch of flair to your outfit while being completely suitable for a professional environment.

There’s also the longwing brogue, which extends a bit farther down the sides of your shoes than wingtips. This will meet exactly at the heel’s centre seam, giving you an elegant appearance no matter whatever shoe you select.

Toe Design

You also have another option when it comes to your shoes: the toe style. Choose a rounded toe for a more sophisticated look or a squarer chisel toe for a more casual look. This makes it elegant, although it’s a bit more apparent in something like a Chelsea boot.

With all of these choices below, you should be able to discover an excellent pair of shoes that matches your style, regardless of the style and design you choose. The only question is which shoe style will suit you best.


Men’s footwear does not have to be difficult to wear. The formal shoes you select are mainly determined by the outfit you’ll be wearing them with.

It’s also critical to be inventive. Don’t be hesitant to experiment with various degrees of casual and formal attire, and choose shoes that complement your outfit’s formality.


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