Why It’s Dangerous to Change Website Platforms


You may notice that when a business changes its online strategy, they usually turn to consider their website. Then start flying through the air some terms different words to make people know about it. But, they’re not wrong as a website of any business is the converted version online. From online ads to video and social media, all of these should push their viewers to their website. However, it depends on the website to switch the visitors into customers from there. Therefore, website design Melbourne Australia the most significant part of an online business plan to have a valuable website. Moreover, you may get yourself wanting to switch platforms of the website depending on the options available and setup that’s the place where it gets complex. Every website is made of any particular platform and you maybe know about a few of them.

So, let’s know why it’s very dangerous to change website platforms.

Google Rankings

According to the top ecommerce web design NYC companies, when businesses get through a major website platform change or redesign, you know Google rankings matters most. It’s because you already have spent a lot of money and time on the concern of optimizing your site’s SEO. If a business has earned its name and brand identity, then no one supports it to lose the hard work behind it. It’s true there are some tools available to help you with this issue, but you should remember that you must inform Google what you’re changing. So, if you do something like this you should go with the way that we have talked about.

Google Ads

At the time we’re talking about Google, we also should mention Google Ads (AdWords) at the same time. if you’re providing links it with your website then you’ll need to check out whether they’re working or not with the new site. You’ll find it broken when you change your URL and things like remarketing labels will be needed to look at the time of conversion.

Broken URLs

You know that your site has internal links that help your visitors to navigate your site. But, when you change your web platform, you should ensure that they’re working in the right way on your new site. Now, the question is that what you can do to make sure the activeness of the links and that’s to build a sitemap of your new website so that you can compare with the new site. Also, if you use web crawlers you can use it on your site that you can make a list of existing links of your new site. By going through every link of your new site, you can ensure their activities.

Inbound Links

When you have made sure all of the internal links are working correctly on your website, you should make sure that the external links are also working well. If you want to see a list of other websites linking to your content, you should perform an inbound link analysis. And if needed to ensure people aren’t going to get error messages then set up redirects in this issue.


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