3 Hair Color Myths That Need To Die


Is the thought of coloring your hair freaking you out? Coloring your hair excessively can lead to hair damage, that’s a fact. However, a few myths are circulating that are unnecessarily making you panic. One of the biggest myths of hair coloring is coloring your hair leads to premature graying. It still continues to be a “believable” myth, and most people still worry about coloring. There are too many baseless hair coloring myths going on for decades, and that’s why we have taken the time to cover those myths and break them with valid explanations. It will be helpful if you read this article before going to the salon for coloring.

Hair color can cause hair damage

Indeed, dyeing hair excessively can lead to damaging and split ends, but that’s not the whole truth. Bleaching can damage your hair; however, not all hair dye formula damage hair. Hair colors are now free of Ammonia, and that stops hair from damaging to a great extent. Hair colors now feature ingredients such as plant extracts and Keratin to make hair smooth and resilient to damage. However, blaming the color only isn’t right. Many people get their hair damaged because they ignore proper hair care once the color has been applied. After you color your hair, you need to take extra care and do certain hair treatments like hair extension treatment, to keep the hair condition and the color in good shape. Use the right shampoo and conditioner and apply a hair mask suitable for your color-treated hair.

Colored hair doesn’t look natural

Many people fear coloring their hair because they feel that the color would look fake and not natural. It’s not entirely true, and most people just fear irrationally. While this is a myth, the entire truth can’t be ruled out. Coloring your hair isn’t as simple as we think. When you go to a professional colorist, they will certainly ask you your color choice; however, they also keep certain things in mind – your skin tone, undertone, natural shade of hair, etc. All these things are essential to give you the natural shine to your colored hair. Believe it or not, but the vivid shades of green, blue, red, purple, etc., look more unnatural as they contrast to your skin tone and natural hair color. Black, blonde, browns look more natural. If you have a warm skin tone and choose a color that’s for a cool skin tone, your hair’s color might look a little ashy or bland. Some hair dyes have also evolved with time, and the formulation gives that natural sheen and glossy finish to your hair.

Hair coloring is time-consuming

As I said, proper coloring and maintenance can take time and shouldn’t be rushed. If you are blessed with dark-hued hair but considering going for a lighter shade like blonde or pastel colors, this might take more time than coloring lighter hair to darker. You need to bleach your hair first to lift off the darker tone, and for that, you need to wait for long. However, if you are going for touchups, refreshing your hair color, etc., that shouldn’t take a long time.

There you go, myths debunked! If you are searching for a hair color service Google “hair color service near me“. It will help you locate a nearby salon.


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