5 Benefits of Having a Responsive Website


Responsive web design has gained popularity in the past few years. As we all use mobiles and smart devices, responsive websites are a must. The term responsive was dubbed by Ethan Marcotte. Since then, technology advanced on a grander scale. And it will, without a doubt, be one of the most critical and advanced features in the future. More and more users are joining the smart device era, and everything today is done with the phones. Do you need to buy something? Do you want to find out a location? Everything has a website of their own. That’s why it’s crucial to own a responsive website. Today, we will be discussing some benefits of responsive web design.

1. Improved User Experience

A good responsive website means better user experience. The quality of user experience depends on the time spent on your site. If navigation seems like a problem to your viewers/clients, they won’t revisit your page. So, having the best user experience is excellent, or else you can lose traffic. However, if your websites respond to the change in screen size pretty quickly, you wouldn’t have issues. The visitors can easily navigate the menu, fill out the form, etc.

2. An Increase in Mobile Traffic

As I said earlier, mobile responsiveness attracts better traffic. A statistic conducted that at the end of 2017, nearly 52% of all global web traffic was from mobile devices. Investigate how many visitors visit your profile and then count how many of them are from mobile devices. What you can do is keep track of the number of visitors who visited your website before you implemented the responsiveness. And after adding the responsiveness, notice if there’s any chance of visitors. For most sites, the changes happen pretty drastically.

3. Easier Maintenance

When you have two versions of your website, with and without responsiveness, your development team has to split the time and resources on managing two sites. But merging everything in one website saves time and money. Thus you can divert your attention to your projects or other maintenance issues.

4. Better SEO

Do you know responsive web design improves search engine ranks? Google takes the responsiveness of your website into account and determines your site’s rank in the search engine results page based on that. So, to make your website rank better, having a responsive web design is necessary.

5. More Social Sharing

Responsive websites can even lead to more social media shares for your content. Using the responsive social media buttons, links can be shared from your site’s pages amongst many different screens with different dimensions. This benefits your website by increasing exposure to the audiences and helps your website attract more traffic.


These are the importance and benefits of having a responsive website. If you haven’t made one already, it’s high time you do it. The inclination toward mobile devices will keep increasing, so you need your site to be responsive to gain more exposure and rank higher in Google. If you live in Long Island and don’t know where to search, typing “Long Island web designer” on Google’s search engine will help you find the best web developer in Long Island who can create excellent responsive sites.


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