5 Steps for Starting a Home-Based Catering Business


Many home-based businesses have been thriving these recent years thanks to the internet. One such business is the catering business. Due to Covid-19, many catering service companies have been in demand. One significant advantage is with catering services people can ensure quality food is being under their supervision. If you are an aspiring caterer, you can start with a home-based catering business. This option is precious for beginners as a home-based business doesn’t need a lot of things to get started. It’s affordable, and there is always the option for steady business growth. If you are considering a home-based catering business, here are a few things you need to know before you make a move.

There is no shortcut to this business or any business per se. You need to start from a well-thought-out plan. What you need first is the culinary skill. Now opinions might vary about how much skill you would need to be to make it in the business. I say, start with small and basic.

Steps for Setting Up the Business

Only culinary skills wouldn’t be enough to survive the game of catering. There are a few steps to take before owning the business. Let’s have a look at these steps for a better understanding.

1. Decide

A proper decision making is key. Decide what type of catering you want to start with. A few varieties are buffet catering, wedding catering, corporate catering, party catering, etc. If you are a beginner then buffet, wedding or corporate might feel overwhelming at first. Start with party organising. Parties like housewarming parties, birthday parties, small social gatherings, garden parties, etc. should be the places to look for. These are great places for making a debut. If you aren’t so sure the best way is to start at home. Catering a party of your friends or relatives will be an excellent way to hone your skills.

2. Do The Paperwork

Apply for a catering business licence, permits and insurances. Contact your town’s licensing and health department for these important documents. Learn what you can and can’t do under the law. To protect your assets from the business, set up a limited liability company. Register a name for your business.

3. Make A Marketing Strategy

Every business has a marketing strategy. You should incline your business toward digital marketing because you will get a lot of boost from there. Hire a professional for creating a catering services website. A website will generate more traffic and help you establish your business in the locals. Most caterers own catering sites for this reason. Another reason would be increasing revenue. Yes! You can make additional income from catering websites. If you are lost at this point, hiring a digital marketing strategist will help you sort things out and give your business a jumpstart. Creating an online ordering website for catering business is also a good way to generate some easy leads for your business.

4. Create Your Menu

Set a list of items you want to present to your clients. Creating a menu list beforehand is better. Many restaurants and food or buffet catering services mention their menus in their food catering websites. You can do that as well. Doing so will save you time and breathe from answering repetitive questions from your clients.

5. Buy Essentials

Buy cookware, dishware, kitchen utensils and crockeries. Your aim should be buying items that are necessary. Also, buying a serving and food-preparation tool would be great.

The perks of a home catering business are that you can start with very limited skill and later on expand as your business grows. The catering business can be run as full or part-time depending on how much time you are willing to incorporate. The more the working hours, the better chance of establishing the business.


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