5 Things To Know Before Buying Wooden Plant Stands


There are many factors before settling for an indoor wooden plant stand. For instance, you want to keep them healthy and prevent them from dying. Deciding the type of stand you want greatly impacts the growth of your plants. Indoor stands give a touch of luxury to your home interior.

How many plants it should hold and how the stand is constructed can help you narrow down your choices. To choose wooden plant stands indoor, consider these factors along with your budget and personal preference. 

#1. Sustainability 

It is one of the most essential features to look for in a plant stand. Because the world is moving towards a carbon-neutral state, we must embrace sustainable products in our everyday lives. 

Choosing an eco-friendly plant stand makes sense. If you love the benefits of plants, you would consider the stand is sourced from eco-friendly materials, right? 

#2. Size of The Stand

Size matters everywhere. The size of the plant stand should be spacious enough to accommodate the plant you want to put in. Luckily, there is a wide variety of plant stands available on the market. You can always choose what’s best for your purpose.

For example, if you have a desk or table plant, you should go for small wooden plant stands. It doesn’t take up too much desk space. Some plant stands are adjustable which fit different pot sizes. They can increase their size so that you don’t have to buy each for a different dimension.

#3. Build Quality

Not all plants are heavy. Some are big while others are small. Big plants require big stands to keep them stable. As a plant owner, you have to approximate the plant stand size you need for plants to grow over time.

A well-built plant stand needs to have a sturdy structure to keep up with the pressure of the full-sized plant. A good quality stand will be able to keep its pressure and still not break.

#4. Stand Height

Different plants grow in various manners. Some are big while others are small. Not all plants will fit in the same plant stand. Plants like money plants can attain heights up to seven feet. 

A simple ground rule is, for short plants, use higher stands. For taller ones, use short frames. But, there is an exception. The plants that are short but can grow tall might need a different stand than you excepted.

#5. Sufficient Drainage 

Yes, your plants need adequate drainage spaces for their survival. A good indoor plant stand should allow water to be able to pass freely from the stand. If the surface of the plant stand is too compact, then the drainage holes will become useless because the pot will not have sufficient space to flow the extra water.

Too much water is detrimental for some plants. A lot of the plants may tolerate excess water, but not a swampy place. When the root soaks for too long, the plant dies. So, don’t overwater them.


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