5 Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas for Hospitals and Medical Practices


1. Giving an Excellent Patient Experience

Treating your patients well and in an excellent manner will allow them to have a good impression of your hospital and they are more likely to recommend your hospital to their friends and family. By doing this, former patients are playing the role of an unpaid ambassador and marketing your hospital to others. Not only that, if any of your former patients develop a common cold or flu, they will revisit your hospital to get treated in an excellent fashion once more. Many factors play a role in good patient experience like friendly behavior, personalized care, etc.

To give excellent experience to patients, your equipment and care should be top notch including reliable DICOM and PACS systems for immediate medical data retrieval.

If you don’t know about DICOM and PACS DICOM viewer, search them on Google for basic info on them. Every hospital must have one of them.

2. Hiring a Local Influencer

Your website or social media can only contain so much information, but it is all just written. People usually rely on social media if they want any sort of knowledge about a certain organization. Maintaining your social media is important too but word of mouth marketing is a whole other thing. A local social media influencer can market you on their own social media. It is the best way to reach thousands of people. They will be more than willing to have a sponsorship or being paid a small sum of money for marketing your product. If you haven’t actually thought of this tactic, then you should definitely consider it.

3. Using Testimonials and Encourage Public Feedback

As said before, social media and websites are a great source of information that is required for marketing. Public feedback should be displayed on these sites so that any new customers can be attracted towards your healthcare organization. These testimonials and reviews should be public because people believe a lot more when the words are of someone who has used a product or in this case been to your hospital. Encourage your patients to give feedback about their experience.

4. Discount Offers

Special discount offers are a great way of improving marketing strategies. It may seem that you aren’t gaining any profit, but it will be for a far greater benefit than that. Especially if you have just started a healthcare business, it is important that you attract customers and what better way to do that than giving discounts. If you have been in business for a longer period then you can offer discounts to the patients who have been loyal to you for a year or two. This makes you show appreciation and encourages other patients to stick with you to benefit from the offer.

5. Televise an Advertisement

Reliance on social media for marketing your ads is one thing but advertising on the television really shifts the marketing paradigm to a demographic or older people. Older people don’t always use social media, and some don’t even know how to use a phone. So, televising your hospital and creating an advertisement is a legit way to increase trust to the hospital and with an older audience to watch your ads, it is more likely they will understand and visit your hospital if they need treatment.


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