7 Steps to Implement Change in Healthcare

Keeping the traditional systems is one of the core reasons to become backward is all terms including success. Facing the challenge of changing system is important. Here are the 7 most significant steps that need to be followed to implement change in healthcare.


1. Welcome Suggestions from Everyone

The word change is always disliked by people working in any facility in any field, even the thought of changing themselves, changing the way they perform their job duties or the way they simply move about at work makes the people uncomfortable. Due to these negative vibes that the word change brings in people’s mind, they tend to resist and avoid change as much as possible. However, this reaction of any employees let it be the one’s working at a manufacturing unit, or the ones working in a corporate setting or the ones working in healthcare facilities can be improved and changed through a various way.

For it, firstly you will have to make sure you include everyone from your facility in this process, no one should feel left out and isolated. Next you need to tell them the whole situation as to how things around them are changing and so require you to change as well to keep up with the world. Then you must ask them to pour in their suggestions about how you and your facility as a whole must respond to this change around you and write it down on a board or something.

2. Give Feedback and Hold Meetings/Encourage Participation

In order to implement change effectively in your healthcare facility you must ensure that you give feedback to your associates like you must discuss each of the suggestions given by them about how to respond to the changing environment and you must shortlist with them the best ideas.

Everyone in the facility should be encouraged to participate and it must be made a compulsion to attend these meetings. Also, make sure that the topic doesn’t ends as the meeting ends instead everyone should be continuously update about the process and its status.

3. Tell Effected Employees How Their Lives Will Be Changed

To cater to any resistance coming from any of your team mates it’s important that everyone should be updated about how the changed behavior will make their lives better like how the automated patient database or automated patient reports will fasten the process and make their work less hassle free and just a click away. Remember that communication is the key to success!

4. Keep the Process Transparent

Make sure no details are hidden from everyone in the facility.

5. Set Short Goals

Just like you use DICOM viewer web based simply without long term thinking, same way you must begin with breaking the overall aim, target, goal into small chunks that is into smaller and shorter goals. Then motivate your mates to work towards achieving these goals and explain it to them how this little goal contributes to the main target which they are trying to achieve.

6. Reward Targeted Behavior

Don’t forget rewards play a very important role! Make sure acceptable behavior and achievement of goals is celebrated and definitely rewarded as this will create a positive drive and positive attitude in people who have achieved the target and will create a sense of willingness and drive in those who failed to achieve them this time.

7. Sustain Employee Engagement

Remember this employee engagement effort must not end here, they must be retained because it’s your associates only who make or break your facility plus in the field of healthcare one really can’t afford to disappoint its employees as these employees have a direct impact on a human’s life (patients).

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