Car Floor Mat Cleaning Dos & Don’ts


We treat our car as one of our family members. A single scratch on it gives us heartache. We tend to do everything to protect and keep our car in good shape. However, no matter how many times we tidy up our cars, our everyday lives interfere and make the car look dirty or cluttered. Thank god for the car floor mats that protect the car and the floor carpeting from dirt and mud. But with constant usage, the floor mats will be dirty and stained because of soil from shoes, twigs, food particles, dust, and spillages. Therefore you need to extra care of your custom car floor mats most often than not. Here are some dos and don’ts formats of cleaning that will help you understand what you should and shouldn’t do.


Invest in a vacuum cleaner

Just brushing the floor mats aren’t enough. You need to vacuum clean them to suck up any loose dirt or debris. Using a vacuum cleaner is also easier for you to get rid of the rubbish without messing your surrounding or your car’s inner carpet lining. If there isn’t much dirt trapped inside the mats, you need to take out the mats and wash them; you can just do a quick vacuum session. Also, you don’t need to spend a hefty sum of money to purchase a vacuum cleaner specifically for your car. You can use one sitting inside your home or buy a portable vacuum at a reasonable price.

Make a habit of throwing away the dirt daily

Every time you leave your car, make sure you throw away the trash like packets of chips, paper cups or plates, pieces of paper, etc. If you carry groceries by your car, it’s best to clean up the area and remove any remaining pieces of vegetables. Leaving the pieces to rot inside your car can be detrimental for the mats and the inside of the car, giving it an unpleasant odor. A good rule of thumb is keeping a trash bag inside your car and disposing of any dry or wet trash inside it for a cleaner space. When you go home, just take the trash bag and toss it in the bin. Easy and simple.

Invest in good quality floor mats

A good quality car floor mat is very durable and thus has greater longevity. Some floor mats are waterproof, spill-resistant, and can also trap odor, which keeps your car interior tidy and crisp. We suggest you invest in weather mats for car floors as they protect your car all year long, from harsh summer to bitter winter.


Wash the mats in the washing machine

It’s not good to wash the mats in the machine or use a dryer to dry them. This is because not all car floor mats can withstand the force and heat. Therefore, it’s highly likely the machines will melt, burn or cause wear and tears to the mat.

Forget brushing the mats before washing

When you take out the floor mats for washing, brush and dust them first, brushing will loosen up the dried dirt particle, and dusting will take the fine dust particles from the narrow, tough-to-reach crevices.  Use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the loose particles. Now, you can wash them thoroughly.

There you go, these are dos and don’ts tips that will help you out while cleaning the mats.


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