Checklist of Hiring Employees for Your Business


If you have an SME and want to hire new employees, this checklist of essentials will make recruitment process easy for you.

1. Know Your Dream Hire

For small businesses, it is really important to know what exactly you need in a person. As the company can’t afford mistakes in the beginning so be careful in this regard. Prepare a list of skills you want in a person so that you can hire the perfect option for your small business.

2. A Great Job Description

You will get applicants according to the job description. So make it unique and creative. It should discourage irrelevant people and encourage the talented professionals who fit into your job post. This will let you get the best applicants and save your time for interview and decision making as well. Check out the description of go business mobile plan $100, for example.

3. Work on Budget for Salary

This is where you have to be wise. In order to decide the salary and pay rate for the new hires, you need to research and understand the market trends. The competitive analysis will help you come up with a reasonable salary amount for the new employees. It should be a bit more than the market rates in order to show respect to the new people.

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4. Right Channels for Posting Job

Now, you have to advertise and post the job. For this, selection of the right channels, media, websites and other options is necessary. You can sponsor the ad on social sites, job websites as well as newspapers. Make sure you target the right candidates and reach them easily. Otherwise you will end up spending more on ads and posting.

5. Review Applications and CVs

Once you start to get applications, review them together. Compare the skills of the candidates with what you are looking for. This will make your work simple and help you shortlist the best candidates for the interviews. Check their projects and what they have achieved so far. The projects are important as they determine how good a candidate is.

6. Shortlist the Best Candidates

You should shortlist the best candidates. Try to invite 5 people for one post. If you have just one post, you can call ten people. You will be safe this way. Call them on time and provide the candidates with all essential details, like address, time of the interview and what they should be prepared for.

7. Prepare for Interviews

Here comes the most important part of hiring people for a small business. You have to be creative in the interviews. You have option either to conduct individual interviews or make them sit together and put your questions. The second option is more effective, more competitive and time saving. You can better understand candidates this way.

8. Make the Hires

When you are done with interviews and finalize the candidate, send them letters for appointment. Include all the details, salary, office timing, working hours, company policies, details for documents and other things. Respect the new hires and train them in a way that they become your permanent and valuable employees.

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