Checklist of the Bathroom Cleaning Right Now


Most people think that bathroom cleaning is a very tough job. Yes, indeed, you do not know the proper cleaning bathroom cleaning hacks. In this content, we will present some essential cleaning tips that will help you to clean the bathroom very quickly.

So, before you look for the modern kitchen faucets, let’s begin!

Gather Gears

Cleaning your bathroom does not require many items or tools. However, it is very vital to have some essential things. For example, you need toilet cleaner, toilet brush, cleaning rags, soapy water, and a bucket. Also, it would help if you had some floor cleaner to get the clear bathroom floor.

Start with One Blank Slate

Once you gather all the essential things, you have to bring out all the things from the bathroom. Towels, body soaps, shampoo, washed clothes etc., and yes, you have to keep all the cleaning tools inside of the bathroom.

Empty all the Cabinets

Now we will suggest you empty the cabinets of your bathrooms. You have to check all the drawers, cabinets and bring all the things outside. Once you wipe all the things, including cabinets, then you have to organize the cabinets.  

Scrub Your Sink

To get a neat and clean bathroom, you must have one clean sink. So, you have to rub the sink perfectly to remove all the stains. If you get some tough stain, then give some floor cleaner and then rub it again. You should do the same thing for your double basin kitchen sink.

Toilet Cleaning 

Now it is time to clean the commode. First, you have to spread the toilet cleaner in the commode. After that, you have to spread the cleaner all over the commode and wait for some time. Then rub with the toilet brush and remove the stains and dust particles.  

Wipe the Bathroom’s Mirror

The mirror is another vital thing that increases the beauty of your bathroom. So, you have to clean it perfectly too. First of all, you have to spray the glass cleaner and then rub it with a paper towel. This simple process will help to remove all the stains from the mirror.

Clean the Tub or Shower 

Now you have to clean the tub or shower. Mostly, your shower gets so many water stains, and they are a little bit tough to remove. So, you have to take some soapy water and rub them nicely. For the tough stains, you can apply the floor cleaner as well.

Mop the Bathroom’s Floor

Mop the bathroom floor is very vital. It helps to remove debris and crumbs. Mostly, you have to keep one bucket with you and collect the hairs or other things.

Empty the Waste Bucket 

Usually, people forget to clean the waste bucket. But you have to clean it as well to ensure a neat and clean bathroom. Also, you have to rub it with soapy water to remove the dust and stains.

Return Linens

Lastly, you have to give the final touch to your bathroom. Mostly, you have to keep the things in their place after cleaning. But here we will suggest you wait for some time until the bathroom become dry. Then you can organize and add the toiletries if needed.  


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