Great Tips to Make Your PDF eBook Navigation Simple


This is the time of DIY eBook publishing and the PDF is a great format for this task. You might have downloaded a resourceful eBook from a blog or website previously. So, you know well how handy it is while getting all content and information in a particular PDF.

But, it can be a nuisance to sift through all contents that’s in long PDFs. You can think PDF navigation a simple and small issue, but it’s actually not so. No matter you believe it there is an option to convert PDF to excel free or not, but some PDF files come without a proper structure.

But, you can indeed make things as simple as possible for your PDF eBook navigation once you apply proper security using password protect pdf free tools. Now, you’ll ask how, so just continue reading the post till to the end. It’ll make you able to do it your own. Well, let’s know them below:

Add Bookmarks

While looking for breaking up the PDF files into convenient chunks, bookmarks are an idea for it. Before your readers start getting scroll down through your PDF, they can find a visual impression. In most apps of PDF creator, you’ll get the option of manual bookmarks creating.

In some other case, the app creates bookmarks in your PDF automatically if there are formatted paragraphs with headings. When it comes to the eBooks, it has made parts into small sections to make nested bookmarks.

In nested bookmarks, it makes a hierarchical list of parent/child that’s easy to collapse and expand. Also, it points to your visitors and readers to find more particular locations in an eBook.

Include Internal Links

Consider inserting links into the PDF eBook where they’re appropriate and possible. If you can do it properly, it can be a very effective way to redirect your visitors to some relevant sections.

It’s especially useful in eBooks that have too much information. When you have put a link in the proper place, it can go a long distance for you regardless of it’s an illustration or glossary.

Also, you can make links with your ‘Table of Contents’ that enables your readers to go to a specific section. So, if you’re looking for boosting the reading and arrangement your content’s flow then you should go through the internal links.

Use A Table of Contents

Because of the type and amount of your content in an eBook, making a list of the bookmark is just sufficient to guide your readers. But, if you’re in a doubt, you can do something else.

It’s a good practice to publish your eBook adding with a ‘Table of Contents’ where there will be not less than 10 pages. However, don’t forget one thing that your readers can view your PDF files on-screen or print them to read as well.

In these cases, they’ll want a page of ‘Table of Contents’ for reading on off-screen. Also, there are some more things to do while looking for making your PDF eBook navigation simple. This includes using interactive navigation.


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