How to Dye Hair Extensions

ink hair extensions

If you have bought hair extensions then you are the kind of person who loves to experiment. You have already bought hair extensions but now you are done with the color they are. Coloring synthetic hair isn’t easy so, let us help you color them in the perfect way.

There are two ways to color synthetic hair extensions.

Acrylic Ink Dye

Sharpies Dye

  1. Acrylic Dye

This way is a mixture of ink and alcohol. You will need some basic items to begin your coloring adventure i.e.

  • Ink dye (for synthetic hair)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Spray Bottle
  • Gloves
  • Garbage Bags (to protect your surface)
  • Wide tooth Comb
  • Blow Dryer
  • Clips (to section your hair)

Make a mixture by adding ink dye into the spray bottle and then gradually add the alcohol. The more alcohol, you add the less vibrant color you get. With more alcohol, you will get opaque color, whereas with less you will get a more solid and vibrant color. So, it’s totally up to you how much color you need. Before starting wear your gloves so that you don’t stain your hands.

Section your ink hair extensions in for parts and spray, once you have covered the top part, go in deeper with your fingers. Repeat the whole thing again, on every section until you are sure you have covered every inch of your hair with the dye. It’s important to go deeper because your synthetic extensions are clipped in under your hair. When you are through with your coloring run a wide tooth comb through your hair to be extra sure about the coverage.

  1. Sharpies Dye

This is the fun method, things you will need to dye your hair:

  • Sharpies in color of your choice
  • Pliers (to get the ink tube out)
  • Gloves
  • Alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Clips (to section the hair)

Take your sharpies and with the help of pliers open the back end of the marker. Get the ink tube out, slice it open and drop it in the spray bottle. For good measure add the tip of the marker in the bottle as well, to get the most color out. The more ink tubes the better the color. You can leave it for an hour or overnight. The more you let the ink tube marinate in the alcohol the more color you will get. So, I would suggest overnight soaking. Once you are done with the soaking, start coloring. Section your hair in parts and start spraying, make sure that you have covered the whole thing, even the underside of your hair. run a wide tooth comb through your hair, just to be extra sure.

Washing the Hair

Since this is a fully saturated solution, both of them, you will need to wait an hour at the very least to let the whole thing dry. Once you can touch your hair without getting any dye staining your hand, then you are clear to wash it off with cold water. Let it air dry as blow-drying is not recommended for synthetic hair that has just been dyed. Like it, let’s have a look at ink hair extensions or any other kind of extensions for cute girls hairstyles headband.


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