How to Influence Customers for More Ecommerce Sales?

Want to know how to increase sales of your online store? Get tips from experienced ecommerce web development services and marketers. This is article is going to highlight how to influence customers for more sales on your online store.


Want know how to increase sales of your online store? Get tips from experienced ecommerce web development services and marketers.

1. Don’t Bound Anyone to Register

This is something I can share from my personal experience that I quickly close down the browser if I am asked to make an account for any random purchases. In fact, research has shown that almost 20% people change their mind of purchasing with you if you bound them to register an account. Keep an option of checking out without making any account while if you really want people to register accounts then offer some promotions or discounts to the members on signing up according to ecommerce web development experts.

2. Clearly Visible Prices for Everything

This goes to the delivery charges and the taxes which are then added in the final amount usually in checking out section. Generally, what irritates people is the “free shipping” written on main page in big fonts while it is added when they check out just because free shipping is only for above some particular amount. While taxes are another irritating thing so make sure to visibly mention such information clearly at initial stages so customers can make up their mind without being irritated.

3. Show Countdown for Discounts and Offers on Main Page

It is human psychology to immediately gets attracted if there is a discounted offer showing a countdown of ending of this offer. This excites people to quickly make up their mind for making purchases from you as they fear of losing discounts afterwards or not getting one from other platforms.

4. Show Prominent Feedbacks and Testimonials

Generally, people first click the feedback option to check the reviews before finalizing their orders so make sure to keep this option visibly prominent. Also, don’t play with your customers by only showing positive ones as this also puts a negative impact of showing fake reviews. Keep both positive and negative so customers can be satisfied of reading organic reviews and make their choices finalized much easily.

5. Keep Live Chat Support Available 24/7

Many people have so many queries to be solved before they finalize their order and sooner those queries are answered, the quicker you are going to have a new order. People who are busy with their jobs usually surf after their off timings so it is advised by almost every Long Island web design agency who do ecommerce web development to keep a live chat support option available 24/7 and it will definitely boost your sales to a new level.

6. Keep a Money Back Guarantee Option

Though it is bit risky but worth taking it as customers get a sense of trust when they know they can get a full refund in case of any claims. This way, their fear of facing financial loss will flow away and they feel more confident to shop from you.

7. Use Opt-in Offers

Ever get excited to an offer of “Get 10% discount on your next order if joins our email list”? It is a great way of boosting your sales by convincing people to sign up for your loyalty programs, mailing lists and newsletters. It will also help you with a significant increase in number of contacts of your database in long run.


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