Let’s Know About the New Mobile Home Right Now


Nowadays the mobile house is increasing, and it is becoming popular. Such a house is easy to build and affordable. If you think you cannot afford a standard house, then a mobile house is the best option for you. The mobile house is affordable, and you need less time to create it.

So, you will not have to wait too long to make the house. While you do not have much idea about the mobile house, here you will get information about it. Therefore, before you look for modular building New York, check it out for details.

Different Type Mobile Homes

You will find three major mobile houses. It will depend on the size of the house. If you are making the standard house, you will want to know the details about the house. How big it can be, or how much space you are getting in it.

The mobile house is also not too different from it. The home size will depend on the cost. You will find the triple-wide, double wide and single wide mobile house. Just like mobile houses, you can also get storage containers New York according your expectation easily.

Single Wide

While you want to know the exact size of the house, then it will be the half size of the average house. However, the single wise house will start from 600-1300 sq feet. Also, it might have around two bedrooms two bathrooms.

Double Wide

Moreover, the double-wide house will start around 2,000-2,500 sq feet. It may have around three bathrooms and three bedrooms. You will get more space than any single wide house.

Also, you may get a separate living area in this house option. You need to think about your family members and then select the house.


Additionally, the triple-wide house will be around 4,500 sq feet. It has a lot of space, and you can arrange it accordingly. You might have more than three bathrooms and bedrooms.

Living and dining area will be more you can separate it if you want. If your family is large, you should select this type of house. On the other hand, it might be too large for your family.

Latest Mobile House Cost

As you know, the house costing will depend on many things. Mostly it will depend on the size, locations and facilities. If you consider these things, the cost might be more or less.

Mobile House Lots

However, if you purchase the house, it will need more money. Renting might cost you around 100-800 dollars monthly. Plus, you need to pay some charges for renting the house. In return, you may save money getting your own house.

Average Costs

The house cost might be different depending on design, location and size. However, you may expect the cost you can see in the below information.

  • The Single Wide: around 45,000 to 60,000 Dollars
  • The Double Wide: around 95,000 to 110,000 Dollars
  • The Multi/Triple Wide: around 100,000 to 200,000+ Dollars

Additional Costs

You need to pay taxes and other expenses. However, it will depend on the state, size and location. So, think about it and then go for it.


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