Salma Hayek Discloses the Secret of Her Glowing Skin


The actress Salma Hayek takes a challenge of a makeup-free face at 54. Recently, she shared several selfies of her face through Instagram. Naturally, her hair is changing the texture, but the skin is still radiant and glowing.

The most exciting thing is Hayek follows her grandmother’s skincare routine, and she shared some of them. Today, on this content, we will present all the tips of Hayek as well as her favorite beauty products.

Therefore, you have to read this content until the end to get all the beauty tips of Hayek which sometimes includes by nature face mask vitamin c and turmeric products. So, before you search for “best turmeric face mask for acne,” take a look at her secret of glowing, smooth skin.

She Avoids Cleanse of Morning

The first thing Hayek maintains is that she always avoids morning cleansing of her skin. Her grandmother taught that our skin replenishes at night after the whole day.

Hayek’s grandmother told us that if we clean our face at night properly, then why our skin would dirty after waking up. One thing she does in the morning, and that hydrates the skin. Sometimes she uses rose water on her face.

Sometimes, she directly applies cream on her face. We share the morning time care of Hayek. If you want to go with these tips, then first you have to try once or twice. If one gets the best result, then go for it.

Hayek Likes Hydrating Oils, Cream, and Serum

Now we will present Hayek’s favorite beauty products. Firstly, we want to tell you that she launched her brand with the partnership of CVS. Her brand name is Nuance, and it started in 2011.

She inspires the dream of beauty and the family’s heritage. Most importantly, she loves the anti-aging cream that is best for both day and night. Usually, she loves to use Millésime Serum and Semonin Sérum.

Also, she prefers to use hydrating oils and cream. She thinks that if you hydrate your skin correctly, then you will get healthy skin. The uneven skin tone is the cause of the wrinkle, fine lines, and many other problems.

She Does Not Prefer Doing Exfoliation

We always want healthy and beautiful skin, and we try to take care of it. Hayek also admits that she takes care of her skin. But she discourages to go for the exfoliating.

She said that it is best for the instant beauty look, but it is not best for a long time. Most of people love exfoliation as it is easily present a beauty look. But it can be the cause of irritation and inflame the complexion.

Finally, the dermatologists suggest doing exfoliation one time every week. Therefore, if you want to follow Hayek’s tips, then you must go for less exfoliation.

Salma Loves Coconut Oil as well as the kitchen Items

Hayek loves makeup from her childhood. Usually, she loves to use a little foundation with lipstick. Sometimes, she prefers to apply blush on the cheeks as well.

But she never skips removing her makeup before going to bed. She loves coconut oils to remove the makeup. Then she cleans the face with Nuance chamomile cleanser. And lastly, she applies rose water as a toner and moisturizer.


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