Simple Steps to Clean Your Car Floor Mat with Ease


There is a simple fact in the life of a car owner: Things you step in out of your car, you get them to deposit inside your vehicle. It means that anything your shoe’s bottom touches, they’ll land on your car mats.

These may include anything like mud, snow, dirt, rain, sand, chewing gum, gravel, tar, and even dog poop. No matter you use the best car floor mats brand, they’ll not skip anything if they touch your shoe’s bottom.

You might be using plastic or custom all weather floor mats for cars, both of them catch all types of debris and dirt that comes their way. If you have waterproof or all-weather floor mats, they’re easy to clean.

Let’s know some simple steps to clean your car floor mats with ease.

First Step: Take The Mats Out from The Car

You don’t like to see any debris or dirt remain in the vehicle while cleaning the car mats. When you take the mats outside of your car, it’s straightforward to clean them out. So, always take them away before you clean if you have removable car mats.

Second Step: Remove Wobbly Debris from Car Mats

You have to clean every mat separately or hit it alongside the hard surface or driveway. The hard surfaces may be a tree to hit your mat to loosen caught dirt, sand, gravel, etc.

Rub them off with a soft and flexible bristled rubber spatula, cleaning brush, or plastic made scraper if something fixes to the mat’s surface.

Third Step: Wash Every Mat with a Hose

In this step, you have to wash out every mat with a hose. The water pressure force will help you to dislodge all of the remaining grime and dirt that are sticking to your car mat.

Fourth Step: Use Soap If Required

You’ll have to wash them with soap if debris and dirt stay on your mats after rinsing with a hose. Take a bucket and put one-ounce soap in every three gallons of lukewarm water. Use a clean cloth and dip into the soapy solution and make use of it to wash any remains off every mat.

Also, you can massage the carpet with a cleaning brush for regular cleaning. You should use a stiff brush for hard spots. For clean clothing, you can use microfiber towels for the best result.

But, it would help if you used them with caution. It’s because if there is adhesive, it may embed sand. And sand will end up your microfiber towel.

Fifth Step: Wash Out the Soap

For hard dirt and grim, you should use soapy water and need to wash them out. So, you have to use the hose once you have used the microfiber towels or brush on the dirt. Using the hose give a great wash the mats.

Sixth Step: Dry Very Mat

Finally, you have to dry your cat mats. You can dry them at an angle against your garage, house or clean car tire. It would help if you hung them with grade because of removing water and other remaining dirt particles.


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