Some Drinks and Foods Are Worst For Your Teeth


On just a night out, the last thing you want to worry about is the bacteria in your mouth feasting on the glass of wine you had with dinner or the ice cream you ate for dessert.

What you eat during the day is equally as essential as brushing and flossing your teeth for dental care. We have made a list of the top ten foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth.

Some are worse for your teeth than others, but the actual issue is the quantity of plaque that accumulates when you consume them. So, before you look for the best dentist in Louisville KY, let’s know more about the foods and drinks.

Sour Candies

The exciting and enticing brilliant hues of sour candies are challenging to resist. Although they are full of taste, they also contain a high quantity of acid, with some reaching near the pH level of battery acid. Gummy bears and chewy fruit treats, for example, cling to your teeth and prolong acid attacks.

The same holds for candy that you keep in your mouths, such as hard candies or lollipops. If you consume sour food, clean your teeth immediately after that. But, wait approximately an hour for your enamel to harden.

Dried Fruits

Fresh fruits have high natural sugar content; however, dried fruits are a different story. The drying procedure removes virtually all of the water from the fruit while releasing no sugar.

It releases the inherent sugars, which means that there are even more sugars feeding off the enamel of your teeth. As if there weren’t enough sugar, typical distributors of store-bought dried fruits add much more.

The majority of dried fruits, such as cranberries and mangos, are likewise quite sticky. As we discovered with sour candies, gummy plus sweet does not equal a healthy tooth.


Bread is a surprise item featured on this list because it contains starches that your salivary enzymes break down into sugars. If these sugars remain on your teeth for an extended time, they can have the same dire consequences as more traditionally hazardous foods, such as sweets.

The same is true for other starchy meals such as pasta and rice. Eat with caution tomorrow’s breakfast of freshly toasted, crispy bread. It might cause further problems by placing too much pressure on your teeth.


Popcorn is a sweet and fluffy delicacy that is a movie theater staple. How is it that this seemingly innocuous meal may shatter your teeth? The harm is caused by the remaining unpopped kernels, not the popped kernel.

You risk an unexpected tooth chip or break if you bite down too hard on one of these kernels while your eyes have fixed on the movie, converting your trip to the movie theater into an emergency appointment with the 24 hour dentist Long Beach CA.


Almonds are a nutritious snack with a pleasant crunch. Hard nuts, on the other hand, can break or splinter and may uncomfortably split your teeth. Almonds, like other hard nuts, have a tough outer shell.

If not adequately separated, a sliver of this outer shell might unintentionally make its way into a bunch of almonds. It’s perhaps leading to an unpleasant and painful surprise.


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