Things to Do in Big Sur in California’s Central Coast


Big Sur is a special destination on California’s Central Coast. Many things are out there to discover while making a trip. These include the luxury inns, ocean vistas, and assorted vibe of coastline.

Apart from these amazing things, people consider it as one of the most dramatic stretches of seashore on the planet. It’s because the cliffs are plunging loads of steps down to stony coves that mix with foamy waves.

Also, we can’t go without sating Nepenthe restaurant California that has famous worldwide. However, Big Sur has equipped the region comes with extensive art history because of its rocky natural beauty.

Likewise, the creative restaurants in unique resorts allow you to enter into the world of redwood forests, fogs, and unparalleled coastal views including their decoration with cat sculpture. Well, let’s know a bit more about Big Sur.

Aristocratic Meets Pastoral at The Post Ranch Inn

You’ll find many commanding cliffs that are remaining 1,200-foot on top of the Pacific. Here is the Post Ranch Inn allows you to break out from the outer world. You can keep hidden in modern but expressive rooms that have decorated architecturally unique buildings.

They have the blend flawlessly into the expected setting. On the balcony, you’ll get the marvel view that looks like you have soaked in the tub of stainless steel. It means that the inn is the blend of modern touch in the rustic settings.  

Drive The Most Splendid Coastal Highway in The World

Highway 1 is the main drag of Big Sur while binding the cliffs with twisting throughout towering stands of redwoods. So, take enough time to drive and stop safely at overlooks.

This is the place where you’ll get the opportunity to watch fog tendrils that are roaming into the canyons of redwood. Also, you’ll get good eating on the way. And you can make a stoppage at the Big Sur River Inn.

You’ll get classic breakfast places here in restaurants like Big Sur Bakery and French toast carrot cake. In these eating places, the dinner range comes with gourmet pizza that has made with firewood.

Take The Good Sensations at Nepenthe

If you’re a Big Sur lover, it remains incomplete your shopping and dining while not visiting the sensations at Nepenthe. After getting employed by the founders of the Nepenthe, Rowen Maiden builds the attractive redwood as well as adobe structure that visible these days.

You can view the Nepenthe’s famous ambrosia burger bite while sitting near the deck’s counter. Also, you have the opportunity to shop at nearby Phoenix Shop. In this shop, you’ll find unique clothing and elegant jewelry made by top designers.

Trek Down to A Quiet Cove

You always should keep in mind what should come up and go down while setting the trail to the Partington Cove. After a roundtrip of two miles, there is a little trail.

But, you’ll find an almost 300-foot back climbing to the trailhead from Highway 1. If you go through this one, you’ll come out at the stony cove that was used once for shipping purposes.


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