Things to Know For the First Night Teepee Camping


For many years, I’ve intrigued by the idea of teepee camping. I’ve always drawn to the structure’s simplicity. They’re simple on the outside. But when properly assembled, they’re tremendously strong and roomy on the inside.

Before you buy camping accessories, you need to search the internet. You’ll find a lot of glamping teepees built on wooden platforms. It is with air conditioning and queen-sized mattresses. While this seems like a beautiful way to spend an evening, I’d like an authentic experience with a wood fire in the center.

I’ve also interested in how warm they are. So I relieved that we were in for a chilly night. It went down to around 34֠ F, and I’ll tell you what — the fire was very required. Hence, before you look for the best camping chairs, let’s start!

Dry Wood Is Essential

We’ve played musical chairs in front of a smoldering bonfire. It’s inconvenient, but it’s manageable. Smoke accumulates rapidly in a teepee if the wood has not bone dry. And there’s nowhere to go in a teepee. You can’t get away from it.

Another advice is to keep your baggage and apparel as low to the ground as possible. When you bring anything hanging up home, it will be really smoky. If you have concerned about a cherished sweater, it is safest to leave it in the car.

Set Up Some Indirect Lights to Create a Fantastic Atmosphere

Make certain that the teepee is well-lit. Because the cloth does not allow as much light as a nylon tent, teepees may be gloomy in the evening. We shone our headlamps on the inner walls, creating a pretty calm camp vibe.

Because you’re all sleeping around a fire pit, it’s also critical to have illumination. Yes, you can see the fire when it’s burning. But a recessed coal bed is much harder to notice if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Bring Some Comfortable Camp Chairs!

We stayed around the fire until late at night. And it’s so much more comfortable with a soft camp chair. On our vacation, we had rocking camp chairs that were the pinnacle in luxury.

For hours, we sat around the fireplace, listened to music, and shared stories. It makes a great difference when you can relax on something as comfy as your couch.

Keep a Stack of Wood near Your Sleeping Bag

It was a cold evening, and I was throwing wood into the fire every hour or so. It’s hardly the most restful night’s sleep. But it comes with the territory. This is the last thing you canto do is spend the night out of your sleeping bag.

Place a large stack of wood between you and the fire, allowing you to lean forward and put a log on while remaining toasty warm.

Stay safe

Ascertain that everyone is aware of the location of the fire extinguisher. If you’re sleeping in a canvas tent with a wood fire, you should keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Although the chances of something happening are little to none, it is better to be cautious than sorry. Test the fire extinguisher is in good working order and that everyone knows where it is.


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