Tips to Know About Riding a Bike On Dirt


Many new riders have a misconception that they should ride the road bike just on the pavement. You can ride a road bike safely on the most types of terrain. These include dirt road, gravel, and cobblestone. Also, you’ll find more fun while riding on dirt and it’s a great way to enhance your entire bike riding skills.

Its true gravel-friendly bikes are getting more common. But, the good news is that you don’t need a special gravel bike to go on the road. That means you can use a common bike to ride on any type of road regardless of hybrid, road bike, or cyclocross.

But, you can go through an ad of “cycling jerseys on sale” to find out your preferred jersey that will support you greatly while you’re riding. Well, now let’s know some riding tips on the dirt road.

Put Eyes On Insight & Stay On Seat

You should keep in mind that a road bike can’t manage rough roads at the way a mountain or cyclocross bike can do. That’s why you should avoid the larger rock, potholes, and loosest gravel. If you put your eyes on scanning them what rough things are remaining on the road, it’ll be easy to go through the dirt.

As it’s the most commonly used riding track, it could be your one of the best bet. Besides, it’s very crucial to know when you’ll have to stay on your seat and when you stand up. It generally depends on the personal preference of a biker.

But, if you ride through gravel, it’s riskier to stand up out of your saddle. Also, you should keep your full weight on the wheel by sitting on the seat to keep balance with traction.

Be Careful in Corners Plus When Descending

While you need to stay upright, you have to be more cautious when you get into corners and descend. So, you take some careful steps to keep you and your bike safe. For example, you should always choose the smoothest line and avoid leaning your bike into a corner.

Also, don’t grab you’re the front brake of your bike when you’re in a corner. Before you reach a corner, you must ensure making slower of your bike speed. You should use both rear and front brakes to do it immediately.

Go with Lower Cadence

Generally, you’re recommended for riding your road bike with a lower cadence like 90 rounds per minutes. It’ll be helpful to you when you need to control and keep your bike away from bouncing in your saddle.

Indeed, you’re not probably able to keep up a lower pace for extensive time because of fatigue. But, you should try to use lower cadences in a big gear over the loosest parts of gravel to enhance your bike maintain and handling your speed.

As a result, it’ll prevent you from potential unexpected injuries from bike mishap. So, you always should go lower cadence when you’re on dirt or gravel.


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