Top 6 PDF Compressors


1. Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF Compressor is a very efficient and high-performance based software which helps reduce PDF file size. It has only one feature and that is to compress the files. But it does the job at its best. It is a free tool which everyone can enjoy. It is available for Windows users. If you compare it with the top PDF compressor, it will perform even better despite the fact it is free. It comes with a unique and user-friendly interface.

2. PDF Squeezer

Mac users also need PDF compressors so here is one for them. It should be noted Preview tool in Mac is also used for compressing PDF files. But if some users want more features, here is a software for them. PDF Squeezer is a great app which lets you reduce the file size, edit the PDF files, remove unnecessary data and keep the size to the lowest. It is a very small app with size of just 7MB. You will find it really interesting and fast.

3. PDFOptim

There are only a few apps which are compatible with both the Windows and Mac. Here is PDFOptim that you can use on Windows as well as Mac. This is a very effective and good PDF compressor. You can easily compress the files and reduce their size to the minimum. The best feature of this app is that it lets you have a preview of the original as well as the optimized or compressed files.

4. PDF Reducer

Here comes another exciting tool for reducing the PDF file size. The name shows it is very effective when it comes to compressing the files. This app focuses on to reduce the size to a large extent and help users share small files with better quality. PDF Reducer is business software which employers will find attractive. Users are also provided with a number of other features like editing. However, it can be a bit expensive for some people. If you don’t like it, you can also use tools that compress big PDF files size online free.

5. PDFelement

This is a very good tool when it comes to compressing PDF files. It comes with a compressor as well as a powerful PDF editor in order to make things easier for the users. There are also a number of other useful features which will make things pretty simple for everyone. It is easy to use, has a simple and user-friendly interface as well as offers a free trial. In a nutshell, this is fully customized software to help you manage PDF files.

6. PDF Pro

This is the last pick in our list of the best PDF compressors. Users will find it very easy to use tool. It is a web-based solution to help you reduce the size of your PDF files. You can upload the file, choose the option and it will give you an optimized file within few seconds. It is really safe, user-friendly and also offers a number of other features to manage the PDF files. It is also a free tool.

There are many tools that compress PDF file size online free. They do this without having you to install any software. You can check them out too.


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