What You Not to Do While Pairing Different Fonts


Typography has long been an essential aspect of a brand’s or services branding and marketing strategy. The fundamental function of typography is to create a particular style of visual that can shout the brand’s identity.

And, as one could expect, the essential component of a form of visuals is the typefaces. A simple typeface might make your website or blog appear dull and uninteresting. The trick to combining multiple typefaces is to remember that they must be visually appealing and convey your message.

Alternatively, if the two typefaces don’t look nice together, the graphic will merely detract from the overall appearance of your website. Therefore, before you look for Long Island Website Design, let’s know the tips.

Do Not Combine Two Script or Handwritten Fonts

Script typefaces, as well as handwritten fonts, are trendy these days. People provide a personal touch to the images while also appearing attractive and classy. To express this notion in font language, keep script and handwritten fonts separate or pair them with a different typeface entirely.

Do Not Combine Two Typefaces That Are Quite Similar

If the two fonts are too dissimilar, the result will weird. In any case, it will not fulfill your goal of combining two typefaces, and you may easily prevent this problem.

When you still want to work on two similar typefaces, you can use different versions of the same font. It would also meet your need to pair two comparable typefaces while ensuring that they don’t seem out of place.

Do Not Mix Display & Novelty Fonts

The key reason for using a bold typeface is to draw attention to a particular area of the page. If you combine two secure fonts, the fundamental function of emphasis is gone.

And you are left with a page filled in bold alphabets with no message to focus on. When a display and a novelty typeface have combined, they clash and create a jarring effect in the visual.

Do Not Overlook the Weight & Size

The greatest method to experiment with typefaces is to tinker with the weight, size, and space between the characters. You want to combine two typefaces.

So, you can always experiment with these characteristics to ensure your wordpress web design is distinctive, well-balanced, and well-thought-out. Instead of matching two extremely similar fonts, you might experiment with the spacing and weight of one font to give your designs a dynamic edge.

Use a limited number of fonts

There seem to be hundreds of typefaces to choose from. But finding the ideal one is a difficult task, as we all know. However being undecided about which one to choose isn’t the same as opening a gate to let all the typefaces in at once.

So, take your time choosing the perfect typefaces and keep it to a minimum of two and a maximum of three. But, a true work of art can occasionally emerge from a combination of typefaces. So, before committing to the numerous font layout, make sure it’s the mood you’re aiming for.


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