What You Should Know About Eco Drain Cleaning Products


You might know about lots of blocked drain cleaning items in the market. Most of them have made with strong chemicals like sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide. These chemicals can damage you as well as your family’s well-being.

No matter you’re cleaning the surface drainage; the labels of the products have indicated the levels of dangers. This is why, while using them, you always keep your family members and animals away. Also, you should wear suitable and protective clothing if you’re using these chemical-made products.

Moreover, it’s also possible that the products can damage your drainage piping system when you use them. This is why you’ll find some eco-friendly concrete drain cleaning items in the market. They’re comparatively less strong and make less harm for living beings; let’s know about them below.

Available Eco Blocked Drains Cleaning Items

ACTIZYME pellets are the most well-liked natural drains cleaning items on the market. They come with different enzyme and they have blended to work to dispose of the organic waste. These include detergents, hair, and grease. Throughout the entire drainage in your home, you can apply the product.

You just need to use warm water and drip it down the drains while it needs a few minutes to work. Bio-Clean is another major product available in the market that’s also a green brand. Besides, it’s also able to break down accumulate organic material like paper, animal fat, and sewerage.

Are The Products Safe To Use?

The said products are indeed eco-friendly, but there are mainly two issues. You’ll find them on the label of the products and it needs to pay deep attention to read and follow them. The first one is that they work well while you have a blockage in your toilet. But, if you have a single toilet in it then you can’t afford a day to unblock it.

Also, sewerage can flood and overflow your apartment or house depending on the worseness of the blockage. Another issue is that green products just work on natural organic substances. This is why they could be good for food scraps blockages.

But, they’re not good enough when there are non-organic blockages. You can’t know if the green drain cleaning items can fix the issues without knowing the thing that precisely caused the jam in your drains.

Do They Work On Blocked Drain?

There are lots of mixed online reviews about the drain cleaning product ACTIZYME. For example, one of the unhappy users said that he followed the given instructions and applies to his tub. But, it didn’t work as it has said on the label. At the same time, there are many happy users as well.

For example, one user said that he used it according to the instructions and it did its work rightly. As a result, he was happy and suggested it for others who have similar issues. On average, it has achieved 3.3 out of 5 ratings. That means it depends on how bad your blockages are.


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