Why Do Your Patients Like to Medical Image Sharing?


You might be finding that your patients are looking for better use of their medical images. But, if they’re still not higher in number, they’ll be asking it very soon. It’s because many patients possibly not be aware that they have better ways to use their medical studies regardless of they’re using Osirix free or paid version.

Also, the landscape of healthcare and changing insurance is playing a big role to get control over their destiny. It especially happens when it comes to the question of their individual medical records.

So, the facility to simply sharing of your medical images with the patients by downloading or using DICOM viewer download option possibly hasn’t previously been your large priority when you’re experiencing a PACS improvement.

It could be said as ‘nice to get’ instead of referring as a need. Thus, we’re going to share some more points regarding your patients like to get access to your medical image sharing option.

Patients Like To Avoid Doing Hard Work

Can you remember when did you get the last call from your patient for an imaging CD? The days have gone and a doctor’s office has IT support with some more staff time. Because viewing their images is fast and easy, patients love to share their images online.

When they have images on a CD/DVD, they’re in a change to damage or loss. Also, they may face issues with their image file viewing apps. It may result in them getting confused to call a doctor’s office to get technical support. But, the employees may don’t have enough time or skill to give you what you need.

So, don’t get things difficult while you can make them seamless from the perspective of the patient experience. Besides, access to sharing medical images is not related to their physical medium. That means they can get it with a simple phone call if a patient loses the number to access.

Patients Like You Much

When tech barriers are like CDs, you’re likely to get it harder for your patient to find their data. It makes your patients feel like they get more power over their concern while they’re getting simpler access to their medical images. Also, they become more involved in their health and body with the image sharing option.

As a result, they understand their health issues better along with what this indicates for them. Consecutively, your performance will get sturdy connections with them by making the information accessible whenever they need from anywhere.

Operational Effectiveness Still Matters

The above-said benefits are indeed very practical to your patients. But, it shouldn’t need to be proficient at the cost of operational effectiveness to make your patients happy. This is the beauty of image sharing through electronic media.

Effectiveness essentially improves as organization managers no need to burn CDs by combining it into the practice. Also, it’s a great way to save your time along with getting the option to minimize your substantial scope for human fault.


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