How to Build Architect-Client Relationship?

Building a good relationship with the client is vital if you want a long-term client-architect relationship. But for that, you should know how to build it with trust and other foundation factors. Here is how to build a good client-architect relationship.


There are many factors that play a role in building an architect-client relationship. The most important factor is trust. If you succeed in winning your client’s trust then you would be benefited by it in many ways. Following things must be kept in mind in order to build a great architect-client relationship (including 3D architectural visualisation).

1. Make an Easily Reachable Online Profile

Nowadays people search for everything on the internet, so it is important for you to create an effective online profile and mention your experience and previous work in it. People would go through your profile, check out your work and would also check the reviews of your previous clients. Having a good profile will definitely help you in gaining clients.

2. Communicate Well

Communication is very important especially in building trust. Communicate well with your client and keep them updated about the progress of the project and also share your ideas and designs with them in an easy way so that they won’t get confused by your architectural acronyms. Constantly updating your clients would make them trust you as a reliable and trustworthy source.

3. Be a Little Extra

Clients usually expect their architect to design the blueprint of the building only but if you want to give them a professional view of yourself then try to over-deliver the things for example; use 3D architectural visualization for creating building designs which your clients would definitely love, also tell your clients about the amount that its construction would cost, the materials that would be used and the source from where they would be taken from etc. These additional concerns will impress your client and they would think of you as a knowledgeable architect.

4. Avoid Over-Promising

Clients are always expecting things from their architect and meeting your client’s expectations are the most important thing in building a great architect-client relationship. Make sure you promise the things which you can do, don’t over-promise to impress your client because if you fail in keeping your promise, it would affect your work and reputation negatively.

5. Don’t Hesitate in Saying “No” and Be Honest

If anything from your client’s design can’t be done due to any reason, need to be clear. Don’t hesitate in saying a “no” and also don’t promise for the things that aren’t possible, as this would end up in your clients losing their trust from you. If there are any technical or security issues, some environmental threats or the cost is going out of your client’s budget, it is your responsibility to inform them about the issue even if you think they would back-off.

6. Use 3D Architectural Visualisation

In order to minimize the possible errors that are pointed out by the clients, use 3D rendering software to create a 3D architectural visualization for your clients’ project. This would result in more accurate construction and make your clients happier.

Note down and follow these tips if you want to be a well-known, reputable professional who would also be known as an architect who is able to build good relations with their clients.


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